PS-Pushover – Send Pushover messages from Powershell

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I’ve been playing around with recently.  Both in an effort to get more organised and as an excuse to make the most out of my awesome new Pebble watch :-)

If you’ve never heard of IFTTT, go have a play now.  It’s a brilliant site, framework and application designed to plug together many many things.  You can use it to:
  • Send you a text message when it’s someone's birthday on Facebook
  • Update all your profile pictures across social media applications in one go
  • Email you the weather update when it’s raining
  • Fetch new entries to an RSS feed and send to Pocket for reading
  • Catalogue your starred emails in Evernote
You get the idea, take data from an event in one location and pipe to another.

One of those pipes is Pushover.  Pushover is a notification application you can install on your Android/iOS device.  It’s a very simple app that will display a feed of messages as they come in but can be restricted by quiet hours, message priority and (most importantly for me) forwards messages to your Pebble.

After registering on the site I spotted that they allow you to create your own applications for free with a monthly message allowance of 7500. So, let’s make use of it!


I’ve knocked up a Powershell module to do just that.  With PS-Pushover you can add Pushover functionality to anything you can do in Powershell.  That means tracking performance of a server, watching for new files, waiting for completion of downloads or jobs to finish etc are all able to send messages as and when needed.

Here’s a couple of example scripts:

And here’s the results:

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