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Sitecore Install Framework - SUG DK

1 minute read

A few weeks back, I was in Copenhagen and was able to talk about the Sitecore Install Framework (SIF) at the Danish Sitecore UserGroup.


less than 1 minute read

Sometimes the random ideas are just fun to make.When was the last time Westwood was “up in your building looking real big…?“. Now you can have him in ever...

PowerShell for Sitecore Item Web API

4 minute read

My colleague Adam Simmonds did a demo of the Sitecore Item Web API at work based on the code provided by Kern Herskind from a recent Sitecore User Group.  It...

Gaming For 2013

3 minute read

I wrote early last year about the pile of games I had to work through – having bought a bunch in the January sales.  I managed to play a some, a few I never ...