Sitecore Install Framework - SUG DK

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A few weeks back, I was in Copenhagen and was able to talk about the Sitecore Install Framework (SIF) at the Danish Sitecore UserGroup.

Originally, I was hoping to just listen in to see how people were getting on with SIF. After speaking with Anders Laub, he offered the opportunity to present and have a more hands-on involvement in the workshop.

This led to setting up a repo with examples and some utility scripts to help get people up and running.

In general, it seems SIF is being used and is helping, but there is concern that it has made Sitecore more complex to install. This is a totally valid concern which I hope to address in a few up-coming blog posts.

For now, check out the examples from the user group and let me know of any questions.


The repo is available at

The repo contains:

  • An Environment folder with scripts to configure the instance where SIF will run and Sitecore will be installed, a script to configure SQL with contained databases, and also a script to install Solr as a windows service under SSL.
  • An Example folder with examples for each of the key features in SIF.
  • An Uninstall folder demonstrating how to write your own configuration to uninstall Sitecore.

At the root of the repo you’ll also find the install script and the parameters.ps1 script which actually controls what is installed.

Running Locally

The repo contains all the information needed to get up and running locally. Just follow the guidance in the README.

You will need to modify the values in parameters.ps1 when it comes to the install!

The examples contained in the examples folder are the same examples used in the SIF Fundamentals series so you’ll also be able to follow along with the videos below: