What to do with old domains?

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So, it seems I suffer from one of two problems.
  1. I am incapable of seeing a personal project through to the end
  2. I struggle to find the time to dedicate to personal projects
I sincerely hope it’s number two.

I own the domains scraptrack.net and sharpnote.net.  Both were bought as the title domains for planned projects.  I did actually manage to start Sharpnote – a simple .NET wrapper to the Simplenote API.  However my workload in my actual job increased and it took some time getting used to being that busy.  By the time I was back to having free time that I didn’t use to just relax, I was using Workflowy for all my lists/note tracking and my interest in Simplenote waned.

That said, I do hope to get back to using the domains for something.  For the time being, I just don’t know what.

In an effort to be a little more organised and possibly a little more forward-thinking I plan to write blog posts a lot more often.  2-4 a month would be great.  I’m not holding any promises to myself but instead of trying to write on something that is new and hoping to be heard I’m just going to write on something that interests me.

I’m no literary genius either so if the post is only a handful of words or paragraphs, that’s just fine.

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