Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On?

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So it's that time again.

That time when I think I should sort myself out.  Write those blogs posts.  Finish that code snippet.  Make a note of that interesting site.  Leave a reminder to myself (and others) of how I fixed that random edge-case bug.

I've tried this before and I think it didn't work for two reasons:

  • I'm a coder at heart - I love it - but I used to be in a job that was killing that love.
  • Time.  I sometimes dedicate too much time to things that are fun, but less productive.  Having recognised that I'm hoping I can change it.

The plan is to use this domain to keep track of my projects and brain waves, anything that I think will be of future use to myself or others.  On occasion it will just be somewhere that I can start a conversation or a bit of a debate.

Posts will largely be centered around coding and most likely only be snippets that have helped me get through a task.  But I'd like to dedicate some time to do a series of posts on a given topic (maybe Chrome extensions) and perhaps get a long post out once a fortnight.

I don't consider myself to be on the bleeding edge of most tech - there's a lot of tech out there after all.  There are also many, many people out there that have a considerably larger understanding of topics that I intend to cover and teach myself (some I have even had the pleasure of meeting or even working with).

This blog will be an avenue of opportunity for me to add my small voice to an overcrowded conversation but perhaps in joining the conversation I'll be able to further my own knowledge as well as help educate others.

So let's see how things go, eh?



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